Results of our work & What’s next for GetOrganizedBK PART 1

Working together, we did amazing work that produced important results. This is the first in a series of emails about the work of GetOrganizedBK on the midterm elections and what’s next. But assuming normal human curiosity, we wanted to give you a quick snapshot of the results of the some of the races we did the most work on, which are listed below.

Some quick perspective first.

  1.     What do the losses mean? GOBK’s working groups focused on many important races where the Democratic candidate faced difficult odds and wasn’t getting much help from established groups, so our assistance was crucial. While many candidates won, others did not, though they often did better than expected. It’s important to remember that the organization, connections and experience gained in losing races can often lead to victories in the future. Also, some of the big statewide losses, Beto O’Rourke in Texas for example, energized voters and produced very important victories further down the ticket.

  2.     Our work is just beginning. We worked hard to elect people in order to bring change and advance important issues. Now we have to keep fighting for those issues to ensure that bills are passed and policies enacted. Many of our working groups organize on issues, such as racial justicewomen’s health and reproductive rightsimmigrationaccess to health careopposing hate crimes, and protecting the social safety net. Their activities continue regardless of the election cycle. There will be an email to come about future actions, but remember you can always check our calendar.



We were part of a strong progressive movement that ended the IDC by defeating 6 of the 8. And than we helped Democrats win a strong majority, possibly 39 of 63 votes.

Zellnor Myrie—Won

Andrew Gounardes—Probable Win

Kevin Thomas—Possible Win

Monica Martinez—Won

Jen Metzger–Won

Pat Strong—Lost

Kathleen Cleary–Lost


It hurt for Liuba to lose given what an excellent candidate she was and how bad her opponent is and how much work we all did. But we helped Democrats win the House.

Liuba Grechen Shirley–Lost

Antonio Delgado–Won

Max Rose–Won

Perry Gershon—Lost

Dana Balter—Lost

Anthony Brindisi—Won

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez—Won


The goal was to help flip the state House and in the process build support for Dems running for the U.S. House. The Republican majority in the State houses was reduced and there was success with winning seats in the U.S. House


Katie Muth/SD-44–Won

Mark Pinsley/SD-16–Lost


Lauren Lareau/HD-142–Lost

Meredith Buck/HD 144–Lost

Wendy Ullman/HD-143—Possible Won

Pam Hacker/HD-26–Lost

Danielle Friel Otten/HD-155–Won

Thomas Lee Applebach/HD- 134–Lost

Amy Cozze/HD-137–Lost

Claudette Williams HD- 176–Lost

Dana Hamp Gulick/PA HD- 97–Lost

Melissa Schusterman/HD- 157–Won


Matt Carwright—Won

Susan Wild—Won

Chrissy Houlahan—Won

Madeleine Dean—Won

Scott Wallace—Lost

Jess King—Lost


Many of us worked on high profile national races where progressives performed remarkably well in deep red and purple states. The outcome of Stacey Abrams’ race is still unknown, but the work accomplished in these races will last well beyond this election cycle and will pave the way for future victories. And, as noted, the lower level victories that these races made possible have not been well reported, but are important for the future.

Stacey Abrams, Georgia—Possible Lost

Andrew Gillum, Florida—Lost

Ben Jealous, Maryland—Lost

This is not the full list of races that GetOrganizedBK working groups had an impact on. For example, Red2Blue worked with 139 candidates and organizations across 16 states. You will be blown away and proud when you hear about the 100s of thousands of texts, 10s of thousands of postcards, thousands of hours of canvassing and calling, and professional level assistance provided with campaign videos, websites, etc. More to come soon.

The fight has only begun.

David Neustadt, Communications Chair, GetOrganizedBK Steering Committee