Something important happened last month: Change the Conversation (CTC) held its first test run in a presidential battleground state.

Over the past year of scouting, negotiating, and continued training and canvassing, CTC has developed an exciting relationship with activists in Pennsylvania. A collaboration among four leaders from local Indivisible chapters in Bucks County is launching CTC Bucks. This energized and competent crew has been meeting regularly with CTC Director Adam Barbanel-Fried who, along with NY CTC coaches and logistics team leadership, is helping them design an audacious and engaging program.

On Sunday Sept. 22, fifty volunteers came to CTC’s initial trial run in Doylestown, PA. After studying skills in empathy, listening, and storytelling, volunteers spent several hours canvassing in this important presidential battleground state. At the end of the day, the room was filled with energy—and hunger for more.

And we’re proud to announce that we’re preparing for our next PA canvass, to take place on Sunday Nov. 10.  Dave Fleischer, the initial pioneer in deep canvassing, has agreed to train and canvass with CTC in Bucks County that day. CTC will offer training in two parts: Part I (focusing on storytelling workshops) will be on Sunday, Nov. 3, from 4-7 pm in our Brooklyn office and on Nov. 7 for our new allies in PA. Part 2 (focusing on the rest) will take place on Sunday, Nov. 10, in Doylestown, PA with CTC staff, leaders, and Fleischer. Check the Events page on our website for RSVP information.

As our first collaboration in a battleground state, this is a significant turning point for CTC. This expansion is not just about growing our organization. This expansion finally allows CTC to sharpen what is arguably the most promising approach to persuading voters, a year ahead of the most important election of a lifetime. Lessons learned here will inform and possibly transform the millions of canvassing conversations we expect to happen across the country. 

While many are focused on the impeachment, next year’s election is too important to leave up to chance. We’re going to start hitting the doors now…moving more voters to vote Democrat in 2020, one conversation at a time.

There are many challenges involved with building this important work. If you’re interested in helping to support or participate in our presidential battleground canvassing, please mark your calendars for Nov. 10 and email info@ctctogether.orgto let us know if you can help volunteer in the lead-up. We always need help with logistics (communications, logistics, printing collating, setting up, breaking down), communications (making calls, getting the word out), fundraising, and recruitment.

Help Us Keep Our Momentum Going! 

Even if you can’t show up, please don’t forget, there’s one way everyone can help CTC: support our canvassers today by contributing to Changing the Conversation

Consider sponsoring one canvass this year by raising or contributing $500-$1,000.

If $500 is too much for you to consider, think about anautomatic monthly contribution of $42, or whatever you can do.

Thank you so much for your support!