#GOBK working group Welcome to the Table was honored on Monday night by partner organization Center for Family Life.   

The spark for Welcome to the Table came at the first #GOBK meeting, one week after the 2016 presidential election.  A speaker from the New York Immigration Coalition noted that many people who are citizenship-eligible do not apply, because they cannot afford the fee.  When the “travel ban” was put in place, the implications of this became clear.  Subsequent threats to the immigrant community made clear how important it is for the immigrants among us to maintaining and upgrade their status.  But at $495 annually to renew a work permit, $495 every two years to renew DACA, $1225 to apply for a “green card” and $725 to apply for citizenship, the costs are out of reach for many.

We hit on an idea – welcome people to our own tables as a way to help welcome others to the American table.  Members of our working group hosted friends – for brunch or drinks or dinner and our guests responded generously.  Not only did they make donations, many offered to host their own Welcome to the Table parties.  Then artists –  including The Occasionalists https://www.occasionalists.com, Dirty Waltz Band http://www.dirtywaltzband.com, and ChiChi Glasshttp://www.chichiglass.com and businesses like the Brook Vin http://www.brookvin.com/brookvin.html in Park Slope stepped up to do fundraisers for us.

To date, we’ve raised over $40,000 to subsidize immigration fees.  Every dollar raised has been distributed through our two amazing partner organizations.  


  • Host a Welcome to the Table Party – we’ll help you plan.  
  • Business owner or artist?  Talk to us about planning a  fundraiser
  • Make a contribution – we actually got a matching grant – see link belows.
  • Learn more about our partner organizations Center for Family Life (www.cflsp.org) and Atlas DIY (www.atlasdiy.org).

Learn more at http://www.welcometothetableny.org or by emailing welcometothetableny@gmail.com