The Healthcare Equity Action League of New York: working to enact single payer, comprehensive, guaranteed Healthcare for All.


The Healthcare Equity Action League of New York is working to enact single payer, comprehensive, guaranteed Healthcare for All, in order to address the longstanding inequities & failings of our profit-driven healthcare system, as well as to protect against current national threats to healthcare.

We believe everyone should get the healthcare they need without fear of cost, poor quality or discrimination, and regardless of race, gender, citizenship status, wealth, health, age or employment.

We understand that the racial & economic disparities in our current healthcare system are systemic and deliberate. In order to maximize profits for already wealthy corporations, care is being rationed & out right denied to those likely to already be facing the greatest disadvantages. This is an entirely unacceptable, largely overlooked attack on the most vulnerable among us.

We say, no longer.

Our Work

The majority of our current work is focused on helping to pass the New York Health Act, NY state’s single payer, universal healthcare legislation, with the long-term goal of passing Medicare for All nationally. Passing these bills will be an important first step in beginning to dismantle the inequities & discrimination prevalent in our healthcare system.

The work we do takes many forms and there are opportunities to get involved at varying degrees & in countless ways.
We have organized rallies, town halls, public forums & house parties and are always looking to do more to help inform the public & impress upon our electeds the urgency of passing this bill.
We canvass businesses, hold postcard drives, table at events, write op-eds, phonebank, lobby our legislators in Albany & more.

New York can and should lead the rest of the nation & join with the rest of the world in providing high quality healthcare while controlling costs through enacting a single payer, publicly funded healthcare system.
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