Electoral Actions

Core to GetOrganized BK’s organizing and activism in electoral engagement – at the local, state and national level.  We follow candidates and the issues closely, endorse where appropriate and aligned with our mission, engage our members and hold electeds accountable.
For the June 2020 Primary, GetOrganizedBK endorsed four local candidates.  These candidates represent the values and progressive vision GOBK tries to emulate.  Jabari, Marcela, and Diana all won their Primaries and don’t face much competition from the Republican side of the ticket.  For more details please check out this post here.

GOBK members are encouraged to remain active in communicating with and holding accountable all our endorsed candidates, including those who may not have won.

GOBK Endorsement process

  • Our endorsement process is entirely driven by our Working Groups, with the principles of both GOBK and the individual working groups at the core. This process is founded in our commitment that GOBK be led by our activist network, representative of our shared values and beliefs.  
  • The GOBK Electoral Committee presented its electoral research about Brooklyn races to the Steering Committee, made up of co-chairs from each Working Group. This included insight into candidates, neighborhoods, and basic information about the races.  
  • Each working group then followed their respective process of deciding whether or not to be involved in a race, and criteria for considering the options. Those opting to be involved, conducted their own research and information gathering on candidates.The metrics by which they were measured reflect the values that the working groups hold — ranging from stances and experience in racial justice, reproductive justice, environmental justice and commitment equity.  
  • Candidates endorsed by at least two Working Groups are presented to the full Steering Committee to be considered for GOBK endorsement, and then voted on.  
  • Working Groups participating in endorsements for this election include:
  • IndivisbleNationBK: Full list of endorsements: here.
  • RacialJustice BK: Their endorsement policy: here and full list of endorsements: here.
  • WHARR: Official statement is here

What’s Your 2021 Voting Plan?

  • Watch this space for details about the 2021 NYC Elections and important dates
  • Visit the 2021 Voting Calendar for more details.
  • And remember – check here to verify your voter registration and location.
  • Other NYC voting details are here
Indivisble Nation BK Endorsement Details
Racial Justice BK Endorsement Details
     WHARR Endorsement Details

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