Changing the Conversation Together (“CTC”) was established by a small group of activists in the fall of 2017 and joined GoBK as a Working Group in September 2018.  

Join us on June 5th to learn the basics of Deep Canvassing!

We are an organization of concerned citizens using the evidence-based strategy of Deep Canvassing to combat the politics of hate and elect a qualified and compassionate president in 2020.   CTC played a critical role in helping Democrat Max Rose achieve an unlikely victory over the incumbent in New York’s 11th Congressional District.  CTC is now building on that success by creating a corps of deep canvassers in swing states leading up to the presidential election.

Changing the Conversation’s Deep Canvassing Model

  • Deep canvassing trains volunteers to use personal storytelling, empathetic listening and engaged conversation to help voters connect their personal values to their vote.
  • CTC targets and reaches voters neglected by the Democratic Party and by candidates, who typically focus only on a narrow group – the “Democratic Base”  – in traditional canvassing and GOTV efforts.
  • Deep canvassing is also the most effective form of voter persuasion ever measured! [1]

Train and Canvass with CTC!

  • We are kicking off our Summer 2019 training season on June 5th at the GoBK Community Meeting.  This abbreviated training will teach you the basics of story-crafting, empathetic listening, working with a script, and even when to cut bait and move on to the next door.  
  • Never canvassed before?  Don’t worry – we’ll give you all the tools you need and when the time comes, you can even shadow an experienced canvasser before tackling your first door knock.
  • Absolutely sure you will never knock on a door but still want to help?  Come to the training and learn about other opportunities. We need photographers and videographers, as well as administrative organizers.
  • Want to know more?  Check out our website: and sign up for our newsletter

For more on CTC’s 2018 work, watch this 6 minute video, CTC on NowThis Politics

Many thanks to GoBK and our partner working groups INBK and WHARR for hosting this event!


[1] Kalla, Joshua and Broockman, David E., The Minimal Persuasive Effects of Campaign Contact in General Elections: Evidence from 49 Field Experimentws (September 25, 2017). American Political Science Review; Stanford University Graduate School of Business Research Paper No. 17-65.