How does GOBK recruit new members and grow the organization?  How do we plan winnable issue campaigns so more people will want to join up?   How do we build new leaders so our original group leaders don’t burn out?

In November 2018, a small group of GOBK Steering Committee members formed a study group to look at the art and science of community organizing to see how that discipline might be applied to Get Organized Brooklyn. At the June 5 Community Meeting at Congregation Beth Elohim, we will be holding a breakout session, The Organizer’s Toolbox, led by veteran organizer (and GOBK activist) Carol Thomas.

In this session, we will learn about how direct action organizing differs from other social change work, how to recruit new members through house meetings and personal visits, and how organizers use different tactics to win victories that change the balance of power.  We’ll do group exercises in how to choose an issue and how to build an effective strategy for a campaign.  And we’ll talk about how new leaders are developed.

Carol Thomas was an organizer for the United Farm Workers in California and in New York, and was a leader in the Bank on Brooklyn campaign that held local banks accountable for redlining in racially changing neighborhoods.  She has provided management and financial consulting to many not-for-profit organizations and has been a Get Organized BK activist since the earliest days of our organization.

Please join us at the GOBK Community Meeting, on June 5th, for this training dedicated to organizing and leadership for activists.