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Thank you again for supporting our Restore the Vote forum last week. This conversation is sweeping the nation and presidential candidates are already staking out their positions. Find out more HERE
In response to the call for universal voting, Governor Cuomo firmly dismissed the proposition. He had this to say: 

“You are in prison for a felony, you’re paying your debt to society. I don’t think you should have the right to vote and participate as a full citizen.”
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Those of us who attended the forum last week and/or have researched this topic know and understand that New York’s voting laws are steeped in racism. And to uphold these laws, more than a century later, without any reflection on why they were passed and if they are still needed does a disservice to all New Yorkers. Nowhere in our constitution does it state that a person loses their citizenship when convicted of a felony. Instead, the restrictions to felony enfranchisement are by operation of political calculations that we have the duty, and the right, to question. 
While we at BVA are advocating for universal voting, where losing the right to vote becomes the exception (like in instances of election fraud) rather than the rule. We understand that not everyone is ready for such transformational change (six million people across the nation have lost their right to vote) and that opinions will not change in a day. Therefore, if you are not supportive of universal voting, we challenge you to first, engage with your individual understanding of this issue and formulate your reasons for non-support, and second, to share your opinions and work with us as we explore our advocacy in this area. We want to hear all voices as we work towards our goal of establishing a more just democracy. Want to learn more? 

  • Scroll down to the end to read our one-sheet.
  • Check out The Sentencing Project. HERE
  • The New York Times op-ed “Tell Me Again Why Prisoners Can’t Vote.” HERE
  • 2016 article from The Atlantic: Polls for Prisons. HERE

Whether you support universal voting or not, you should still participate in our call day! 
We have 2 goals: 

  1. To gather information on whether your representative supports codifying Governor Cuomo’s executive order granting a conditional pardon to people on parole, thereby restoring their right to vote and/or universal voting and 
  2. To demand that the state legislature pass legislation codifying Governor Cuomo’s executive order 

Please also report back by responding to this email if you receive an answer to goal #1 or have any comments/suggestions to share!


State Senator Assembly 
District 17Simcha Felder518-455-2754District 41Helene Weinstein518-455-5462
District 18Julia Salazar518-455-2177District 42Rodneyse Bichotte518-455-5385
District 19Roxanne Persaud518-455-2788District 43Diana Richardson518-455-5262
District 20Zellnor Myrie518-455-2410District 44Robert Carroll518-455-5592
District 21Kevin S. Parker518-455-2580District 45Steven Cymbrowitz518-455-5214
District 22Andrew Gounardes518-455-3270District 46Mathylde Frontus518-455-4811
District 23Diane Savino518-455-2437District 47William Colton518-455-5828
District 25Velmanette Montgomery518-455-3451District 48Simcha Eichenstein518-455-5948
District 26Brian Kavanagh518-455-2625District 49Peter Abbate518-455-3053
  District 50Joseph Lentol518-455-4477
  District 51Félix Ortiz518-455-3828
  District 52Jo Anne Simon518-455-5426
  District 53Maritza Davila518-455-5789
  District 54Erik Dilan518-455-5821
  District 55Latrice Walker518-455-4466
  District 56Tremaine Wright518-455-5474
  District 57Walter T. Mosley518-455-5325
  District 58N. Nick Perry518-455-4166
  District 59Jaime Williams518-455-5211
  District 60Charles Barron518-455-5912
  District 61Charles Fall518-455-4677
  District 62Michael Reilly518-455-4501
  District 63Michael Cusick518-455-5526
  District 64Nicole Malliotakis518-455-5970

Enter your address here to find your State Senator and Assembly member information: http://www.mygovnyc.org/

Have some thoughts for Governor Cuomo? Feel free to call! 

Governor Cuomo: 518-474-8390 (press 2)  

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