Organizing Bootcamp with #GetOrganizedBK

On March 27th, we gathered together for an “Organizing Bootcamp” to help build the organizing skills we need for the long haul. So many of you have stepped up to take leadership at this critical moment. We want to share and build skills to keep that cycle of leadership & organizing going strong.

Please note: We’re still working to gather resources and upload videos taken. But here’s what we’ve gathered so far! Please keep checking back as we add more to this resource page.



To kick-off, we heard from NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, Austin City Council Member Greg Casar, and Philadelphia City Council Member Helen Gym. Eric, Greg, and Helen are on the front-lines of resistance to policies of hate, injustice and corruption.

We also heard from New York City Council Member Brad Lander, Rabbi Rachel Timoner, Rabbi David Abelson, Assembly Member Robert “Bobby” Carroll, and MoveOn’s Lead Campaigner, Justin Ruben.

Watch NYS AG Eric Schneiderman’s speech here.

Watch Council Member Greg Casar’s speech here.

Watch Council Member Helen Gym’s speech here.

Watch MoveOn’s Justin Ruben’s speech here.


Overview of Community Organizing: How to Build Power and Effect Change

Featuring CM Greg Casar, CM Helen Gym, Rabbi Adelson, and Dara Silverman


Message and Training for Activists

Featuring VP BerlinRosen Public Affairs Emma Wood

Message & Media Training for Activists [pdf]


Online Organizing 101

Coming Soon


Online Organizing 202

Featuring Elana Levin from Organize 2.0


Storytelling for Activists Using Film and Other Mediums

Featuring Rachel Falcone of Storyline Media and StoryCorps

Write-up of the event by GOBK’s Chris Benjamin [pdf]


Bystander/Upstander Training

Featuring Christen Bradt, Center for Anti-Violence Education

Coming Soon


Civil Disobedience / Know Your Rights as a Protester

Featuring Lauren Frederico & Nicole Triplett, NYCLU

Protesting in NYC [pdf]


Planning Public Actions: How to Organize Marches and Rallies

Featuring Brigid Flaherty, Latchmi Gopal, and David Unger

Coming Soon


Grassroots Lobbying for Policy Change: How to have an effective meeting with your elected official or be an effective voice at a townhall

Featuring Amy Rutkin and Darius Gordan, Citizen Action

Lobbying 101 [pdf]


How to Run for Office or Support Someone in Doing So

Featuring Aaron Abel, Working Family Party and Assembly Member Robert “Bobby” Carroll

Coming Soon


How to Talk to People Who Disagree and Facilitate Dialogue Between “Red” and “Blue”

Will Nassau and Meredith Gray, Peace Institute

Peace Institute Write-up [PDF]

More coming soon


How to Address White Privilege and Be an Ally for Racial Justice

Featuring Katie Unger, SURJ

Workshop Agenda [pdf]
AAA Framing Document [pdf]

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