Last week, Get Organized BK came together in community and sharing at our first full meeting of 2019. We kicked off Community Meetings, this year, with a keynote speech by the always inspiring Ana Maria Archila, the co-Executive Director of Center for Popular Democracy.

“Courage is contagious, and we need community to cultivate courage in each other. We need to take on the fights that people say are impossible. And we need to fight until the LAST minute.”


We want to thank Ana Maria Archila for her time and her passion. It was a perfectly rousing start, leading us into our thoughtful and productive breakout groups.

Carrying on the theme of cultivating community, GOBK wanted to create a space for new issues to be addressed, existing working groups to work together, and to share how their groups may already be tackling some of these important issues. We covered Voting Rights, Campaign Finance Reform, Criminal Justice Reform, Environmental Justice and Economic Justice. Many left these groups a with greater understanding of these issues, how they relate to the work we are already doing, and how to work further on these issues. It was an evening full of inspiration, information and ways to act.


Thank you to everyone who was involved in making this meeting such an exhilarating evening. If you are interested in helping to plan our next community meeting and make a space to truly build a community of working groups and activists that can truly transform our impulses into action, please contact Kim Berney-Brooke at