GetOrganizedBK has working groups doing amazing work around progressive issues and electing Democrats to office in key districts. It also has a steering committee that supports the working groups and makes broader decisions about moving the organization forward.

The steering committee has one representative from each of the working groups and also the members of the executive committee, each of whom has specific responsibilities. A number of the Executive Committee members would like to create groups that work with them around the issues they deal with.

Secretary: Calls and chairs meetings, formulates the agenda and take and distributes meeting minutes.

Equity Chair: Responsible for supporting and advancing an organizational culture of diversity, equity, inclusion and intersectional understanding.

Activist Engagement Chair: Responsible for expanding the number of activists in GOBK and helping them find the right working group to join.

Fundraising Chair: Position Open. Responsible for efforts to raise funds. All funds are distributed to the working groups for their activities.

Working Group Chair: Coordinates the working groups and puts together the calendar of working group activities.

Communications Chair: Responsible for regular emails to the GOBK email list informing activists of events and actions and helping working groups with media outreach.

Community Meeting Chair: Responsible for organizing the big community meetings.

Electoral Chair: Responsible for gathering information about candidates and leading discussions about which candidates to endorse.

 Treasurer: Keeps the GOBK financial documents and issues regular reports on income and spending.

Social Media Chair: Position open. Responsible for maintaining GOBK’s social media presence to promote the activities of the working groups and the organization as a whole.

The steering committee meets once a month.