Who We Are
Changing the Conversation Together is an organization dedicated to opposing hate politics, upholding basic decency, and defending the checks and balances that are critical to democracy. In contrast to other voter turnout efforts, we focus on the evidence-based strategy of Deep Canvassing. We are upholding basic decency through compassion and respectful conversation. By listening to voters’ stories and sharing their own, deep canvassers invite voters to use their vote to combat the politics of hate and cruelty in the national arena.

Changing the Conversation Together continues to move forward—evaluating our deep canvassing impact, expanding our base of canvassers, and preparing for the 2020 presidential election. Here’s a look at how we’re working toward these goals.

Evaluating Our Impact
In the tradition of classic deep canvassing, CTC is committed to evaluating our work. Since the midterm election, dozens of volunteers have conducted 280 follow-up interviews, 150 by phone and 130 in person. Our findings are remarkable. Of the people we canvassed:

  • 75% voted (up from 45% in 2014!)
  • What’s more, canvassed voters were 17% more likely to vote and 21% more likely to vote Democratic than their non-canvassed neighbors.
  • Most importantly, nearly 40% said that their conversation with a CTC canvasser helped them decide who to vote for.

Expanding Our Base
On January 27th, 30 canvassers participated in our inaugural Staten Island Evaluation Canvass. The new group of canvassers included a congressional candidate from suburban NY and campaign activists from Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida!

Honing our Craft
Dave Fleischer has developed the “deep canvassing” technique for 10 years through his work in Los Angeles. On February 6th, Dave gave a master class to a group of 25 CTC canvassers. Dave’s captivating storytelling and hands-on activities provided insight into building rapport with strangers, telling compelling stories about people we love, and using this approach to make connections with voters and change minds.

Preparing for Future
Elections In addition to maintaining our canvassing muscles, CTC is developing partnerships with activists and organizations in presidential swing states. Check our website to learn where you can come and canvass with us next!